Personality Quiz

1.. The word that best describes you is…

a. moody:“Stop it. I’m not in the mood.”
b. docile: “OK…if you say so.”
c. loyal: “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, I’m right behind you.”
d. confident: “Sure, I can do that. I can do anything!”

2.As a child, your worst crime was…

a. lying about a broken vase.
b. refusing to sing for the school program
c. hitting the bully who was picking on your friend
d. making all your yayas cry.

3.Your boyfriend says he loves you despite your being…

a. a little bitchy sometimes
b. a little on the quiet side
c. too busy with extra-curricular activities to spend time with him
d. never wanting to lose an argument

4. Under your high school yearbook picture, it reads…

a.Homecoming Queen (Isn’t she beautiful?)
b. Best Handwriting (I borrowed her notes all the time!)
c. Most Friendly (She was such a nice person!)
d. Best Debater (You couldn’t get a word in edgewise…)

5. You wake up in the middle of the night and think that you hear an intruder in the next room. You turn cold and clammy, and you…

a. climb out the nearest window (Eeek! Lemme out of here!)
b. jump into the closet and call the police on you cell phone (Help! Police!)
c. grab your bat and wait behind the door (He’ll get it right in the noggin when he comes in…)
d. grab your bat and go out looking for him (Who’s there? You better get out of here or you’re gonna get it!)


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